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Wide range of dental medical productsOur online shop offers a wide range of dental medical products that meet the needs of dental practices and laboratories. From dental instruments, materials, equipment to hygiene and infection control products, we have it all.

Individual sets for each universityWe also deal with each university individually: With Unisets for your university courses, we offer you a clear and quick ordering experience.

Fair and transparent prices. The Oxymarkt is incredibly confusing. You can always rely on the fair offer from Oxymarkt.

Fast and reliable deliveryWe offer fast and reliable delivery for dental medical supplies, with CO2-free options using eco-friendly packaging materials to minimize our environmental impact.

Order easily and securelyAt Oxymarkt you can easily pay with all common online payment options.

Customer service support We are committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase


Who We Are

Oxymarkt, a German company, supplies dental medical products and offers dental courses, delivering tailored solutions and top-notch customer support.


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Explore partnership opportunities and become our trusted supplier. Contact us to learn more about collaboration and how we can work together.


Our Courses

Our courses offer comprehensive dental education, covering a wide range of topics to enhance your dental expertise and career. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate certified in Germany, ensuring its quality and credibility.